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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy NewYear

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope that everyone can make this year great for each of your families.

My family and extended family has had some bad news as anyone and many have for the the last year. With the new year many changes are happening to our family and what I have had planned may not be what it is to be. We all make plans, we all make goals, we all want to do so many things. This thing called life likes to throw curve balls and how we all deal with the curve balls of life is what defines us. We all have to make choices and we all have to give and take. Things I want to do has to be put on hold, or on the back burner. Things I have to do need to come front and be made a priority.

I have spent seven weeks with my father in law, helped him through lung cancer surgery. They removed 1/3 of his right lung. He now will be going through chemo. He will eventually in the next few weeks to a month be moving down to where we are at. That means another trip across half the country to pack and move him here with us. We need to find a bigger place, and get a few things in order here before we can move him down here. He agrees that the move needs to happen and he knows he will be needing help. Where he lives we can not move there as there are no jobs to be had. That is why we did not stay there over a year ago when looking for a place to relocate for work.

Then my mom is having health issues as well. We may be having to move her closer to us also later in the year. Us moving to her is not an option as there are no jobs to be had where she lives, as we left there over a year ago because of no work to be found. We will see if my siblings will step up to the plate and do something if not mom will move clear across country to be here with us.

Since my husband has a good job after almost 3years of unemployment we will not be moving to where there are no jobs. We have be able to care for ourselves and if that means bringing the parents to us, so be it. We all do what we have to and the weather here will be better for them anyway.

What this all means is I may be only able to update my blog now and again. I so enjoy doing it, and get a lot out of it, as I hope others do as well. Life likes to take turns and has it ups and downs. How we deal with the ups and downs is all that matters. My family comes first!

With all the changes there is always something positive that will come out of it!  Glad the chapter of 2011 is now closed and starting to write the chapter of 2012 will be an adventure! life is an adventure and it never stops changing! Good luck to you all and wish you all the very best for 2012!