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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New city and Preparing

Hello all. So we are moved in and settled and We just got internet yesterday!
I am in Virginia now and we are on the coast. We just had a 5.8 earthquake on Tuesday that was felt up and down the east coast. We are in this area dealing with a swamp fire and all the smoke that is in the air. Now this weekend we are getting ready for Irene, the Hurricane that is on her way here.

So a few things i have learned that I thought I would pass on to people. We are new to the area, we do not "know" the ins and outs of an area, like we did back home. When you live in one area for many years you know what news channel to listen to, you know the roads, the cities, and simply how things work in your area. Well being a transplant to a new area. Words of advice, get to know your area! look at and study the area maps, roads, cities, and generally where things are!

You also need to know of what things that can happen in your new area. What do you need to prepare for!

One thing I have learned about this area is there are 2 really good news stations here. These news stations are on line, on facebook, on twitter. Each one will stream on line breaking news, during tornadoes, the earthquake and now for the hurricane.

I would recommend everyone to follow your local news stations on facebook, twitter and the like. You will get updates quickly and if you have a smart phone you can check things.

I would also recommend that you follow your local red cross, local emergency management agencies, community and cities. Most are using the social networks to get the info out there quickly to many people at once. I would also encourage people to follow there work, church, clubs,schools, etc. Most people are on 
one or more of the social networks.
Go through your 72 hour kits and your 2 weeks kits make sure you have what you need for your area or new area.

Be prepared you never know when something may happen!

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  1. I have been following my local news stations, radio stations, city, weather, and the like on many social networks. I get more current and updated information very quickly. I have been doing this for many months now! It works!