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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Staying cool With HOT summer heat

Summer is well into July and many places are having high temperatures, Heat advisories, and it is simply plain old HOT outside. So what to do to stay cool?

Here are some basic tips:

1. Do not use the Dishwasher during the heat of the day!

2. Do not use the dryer or run the washer during the heat of the day.
(heat of the day is generally Noon to 7-8pm) Of course everywhere is different!
You do not want to heat up your house in the morning before the high temps come in the day. The AC will have to run longer and more.

3. This is a no brain-er but do not use your oven to cook on hot days, do you baking at night.
This goes to say, wash and dry clothes at night, in the cooler temps. Or if you have a clothes line outside hang up the clothes in the morning. Do your dishes at night.

4. Use dark colored curtains on windows to help block out the sun and heat. There are great curtains out there that are made to do just that. Or hang up an extra blanket on the windows. This really will help keep the sun and heat outside. Esp when you are running your AC unit.

5. Make and keep plenty of Ice on hand. Everyone will want to drink cold drinks. Encourage drinking water. or make lemonade or iced tea. Stay away from sodas and caffeine in the heat. Also stay away from alcohol in the heat!

6. Dress for the heat. Wear light weight and loose fitting clothing. Wear light colored clothing as well.

7. Eat smaller meals more often. You may want to eat light foods, like fruit, salads, and such. Heavy foods like pot roasts and potatoes may make you feel too full and not feel well. Put Watermelon, berries, and apples and oranges in the fridge. Eating the cold fruit will help you cool down. Popsicle and freezable pops things will help you cool down also. 

8. Try to stay indoors and stay in AC. Now not everyone will have AC. Go to the library, malls or bookstores to cool down if need be. Many towns and cities have cooling centers when the heat is expected to stay for more than a few days.

9. Do not do your yard work, or go for a jog on these hot days. if you must do strenuous activities, do so in the mornings before the day heats up.

10. Take a cool shower or bath to cool down. This goes for kids as well.

11. Even when working in the house or outside. Take plenty of breaks and slow down. Take time to cool down after doing things. Take frequent breaks. When out doors, find shade and stay out of direct sun.

12. Some people have pools, as we do. We have to limit the amount of time in the pool, due to the direct sun. Do wear sunscreen, even wear t-shirts over your suits. Not only will this keep the sun off you, but the wet t-shirt will help keep you cool.

13. Keep wash clothes and the like around. Get it wet and place on the back of your neck, wipe your face, and chest. When you sweat you want to wipe it away and not feel sticky.

14. Keep doors closed. Do not let the kids run in and out! this lets all the AC cool air out and the hot air in. Find things for the kids to do in the heat of the day that is indoors. Crafts, movies, books, etc. There are many things you can do with your kids to keep them entertained and cool.

15. When all else fails, Take a nap! I believe in naps even for adults. The heat will zap your energy.

We are going through the high heat and staying cool is always a challenge. Good luck to you all who have the high heat temps and trying to stay cool. Remember your pets need shade, water and a cool place to relax also. Do not take your pets to the store with you and leave them in the car. Pets die that way! 

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