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This blog comes to help us all deal with FS questions and to build up from a starting place & build a more complete and full FS & how to be more Self Reliant. Let us all get Prepared & ready for anything that may come our way. You never know when Mother Nature, Man Made Disaster or Money Problems may come and you would need your FS to get you through! I will talk about Emergency Preparedness also!

Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Other tips and Ideas. Let me help you get ready for what ever may come!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Day to day, planning for the elderly you care for

Day to day. As each day passes before you know it a whole year has gone by. I think I get things back on track and on a schedule and then something BIG happens and the things I want to do for "me" do get pushed to the side.

I have daily lists of things to post and a whole notebook of great ideas. I just need to fine a few minutes to be able to sit down and post here on the blog.

Being a full time caregiver of and elderly person who needs you all the time, taking time to post on a blog gets pushed to the back burner since I still have to care for my family, cook, clean and all that great wonderful stuff we all do every day.

So on that note....

 Getting a small kit for the Grandma, or Grandpa together if you care for them is a huge deal.

A few things I have had to "add" to Grandma's kit. You may have to add things every six months as things change quickly for elderly people!

One week of Medicine and Prescriptions!
Diapers, Chuck pads, and wipes, extra towels
Puzzle books, book to read, pencils, and pencil sharpener.
Extra glasses
Extra clothes, being that she has accidents more often than not, extra clothes and wash clothes are needed!
Things to help her feel comfortable, photos, blanket, sweater, stuff animal, etc.
List of all medications, doctors names and numbers.
Medical history written down and copies of the ID and such. Important paperwork!
Bottle of water "just for her".
Snacks for her.
Ask them what they may want or have them help put the kit, bag, etc together. 

We have a safe zone in our house for when we get tornado warnings. In an extra drawer in the room I have placed all her "items". I also have a bag packed for her in case we have to leave the house for any emergency.

Know that older people and the elderly can not move that fast, especially if they have a disability.  You may have to talk to them many times about the emergency plans, what to do and such. They may not understand the reason why you are making them move and go in to a certain room. They may not understand the danger you maybe in! Try to stay calm and explain again and again. Give them something to do and sit and talk to them.

You can not pick them up and move them like a small child. You have to give them as much warning as possible. When we get a tornado watch. I tell her that we have a Tornado watch and tell what is going on and if I tell her to get to the bathroom, which is right across the hall of her, she needs to move now. Not after a show, or commercial, not after I read this page in the book. When I say now, I mean now! After a while they "may" get it and then depending on the conditions of each person they may not.

If you have a plan and the items in place you will be more prepared and ready to handle the emergency that may come along. So you can be calm and can think with a straight head and not be running around trying to figure out what to do!

Each family is different, each person is different. You kit may need other things or things I have listed you do not need. Make your own list, make your own kit for your needs and the needs of those you care for!

Here is a blog post I thought covered things well.

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