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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pet Idea Oct

Pets and Halloween
Most people all  love Halloween and we need to think of the pets as well and how they will react to all the extra visitors at the door. We need to keep our pets safe and still have fun.

Loud noises like the doorbell going off, children screaming, music blasting, more cars, and extra visitors at the front door can be bad for some animals. Keep pets safe by keeping them away from the main area of the house, put them in a room with a closed door, so they can chill out and there is no danger to them running out the door, or having them over react to the excitement of the night.

If you plan on taking your pet out with you for the night while treat or treating with the kids, them keep the pet on a short leash, make sure they have their pet ID tags, and even put glow in the dark tape on the leash, collar, etc  so people can see them in the dark.  Event he most gentle pet can get spooked by kids, and adults in costumes, and all the extra cars. 

Make sure you talk with your children not to share their stash of candy with the family pet, Fido and Fluffy do not need candy, as most will make them sick.

Be sure to be careful with lit candles, Jack O Lanterns. Pets and even children can knock them over and you can have a fire. Keep flammables out of reach of children and Pets. Cats go places they should not and even high shelves are not always safe. 

If a pet wears a costume, make sure it is not constricting, causing your pet to trip, or blocking its vision. Do not force a pet to wear a costume if it demonstrates discomfort. All of the above can cause undue stress and possibly cause aggression in even the nicest dog, goldfish, or iguana.

As you will be having all kinds of extra people coming into your yard, and up to your door. This is a night to put all outdoor pets inside. Not only for the safety of your neighbors and the little monsters that will be coming to visit you, but  for the pet itself. There are many people that will pull pranks, jokes and cause mischief and your pet could be teased, stolen, tortured, and even killed.  Be extra watchful if you own a black cat or even a black dog! Even with the joys of Halloween there is a dark side to some people.  We personally  have owned many a black cats and we owned black lab dogs for many years. The week before and after Halloween I would make sure the Cats and the Dogs were well watched and or kept inside and let out only under close supervision. We lived in the county and the animals would just out into the yard. The 2 weeks around Halloween The pets were kept close and on Oct 30-Nov 1 the animals were stuck in the house; well other than going out and going potty on leashes.

Check out the following link for more ideas. 

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