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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hurricane WARNING


What is a Hurricane Warning?

A Hurricane Warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center where sustained winds of 74 mph (64 knots) or higher are expected within a specified area within 24 hours or less. All precautions must be completed immediately.

If You Live in a Mobile Home

Check tie-downs, turn off utilities and leave immediately for a safer place. Mobile homes are unsafe in hurricanes, tornadoes or severe thunderstorms. Can you imagine what hurricane-force winds would do to your mobile home?

Prepare for High Winds

Brace your garage door. Lower antennas. Be prepared to make repairs. Awnings, garbage cans, grills, lawn furniture, loose garden tools, toys and all other loose objects can be deadly missiles. Anchor securely or bring indoors. Securely board up or shutter large windows. Draw drapes across windows and doors to protect against flying glass.

Move Boats on Trailers Close to House

Fill boats with water to weigh them down. Lash securely to trailer and use tie-downs to anchor trailer to the ground or house. Check mooring lines of boats that must remain in water, then leave them. Accomplish this ahead of the hurricane watch to save time. 

Store Valuables and Personal Papers

Put important documents (birth certificates, heirlooms, personal inventory lists, pictures, titles, wills, etc.) in waterproof containers and store them in the highest possible location protected from potential flooding. If you evacuate, be sure to take them with you. You should have secured most of your valuables and important papers in a safety deposit box, during the family planning process.

Prepare for Storm Surge, Tornadoes & Flooding

Storm surges, tornadoes and floods are killers associated with a hurricane. In a Tornado Warning, seek inside shelter below ground level if possible. Otherwise, go to the inner-most small room away from outside walls, doors and windows on the lowest level of your structure. If you are outside, seek cover in ditch or other low spot. Do not attempt to outrun a tornado!
Mobile homes and portable buildings are extremely unsafe, during a tornado! The surge of the ocean water plus flash flooding of streams and rivers due to torrential rains cause 90% of the deaths associated with hurricanes. If you anticipate that your family will be at risk, evacuate early before the hurricane watch is issued! Complete evacuation well before the arrival of tropical force winds.

Test your generators. Make sure it is well has good ventilation  and You may want to think about chaining it up or securing it up! 
Bring pets indoors! 

Stay indoors! 

Of course you have have to decide what to do for yourself and your family. Only you are in charge of you and your family. 

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