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Monday, September 19, 2011

Childrens Corner Sept

September has come and the Children including Teens are  Back to school and we are all getting back into the routines of school life. Here are are few things to think about and prepare not only yourself but your children also in case something happens.

Do you know what your children's school escape routes are at the school? We all spend many after hours at the schools for plays, concerts, games, etc.

How about the schools emergency plans or what happens if they have a lock down? what do they do for fire drills? Do they do other "disaster type drills"?

Does your school run emergency bus routes on snow days for example?  In the event of a school evacuation for an emergency will they bus the kids to a pre-determined place for pick up? If so do you know where?

What if the Buses are not running, or they do not let the kids walk home, do you know what you and the children will do? What if your child misses the bus now what do they do even after school or before school and you are at work?

Does your school have a person in charge when things happen? Does your school have a phone tree to alert you? Is your contact information current?

To help prepare and get not only yourself ready, but your child or children as well. 
Make a mini 24 hr Kit to fit in your child’s back pack to have at all times. Take a gallon size plastic bag or pencil bags/ pouches, add what they need, remember phone numbers & coins, make a card with their address and name on it, water, food (granola bar, jerky, etc), add a band aid and something small to do. Small bottle of hand sanitizer, glow stick, pack of tissues, Place in bottom of back pack. You can also use a pocket to store these items. 

Have each child/teen decorate their "24 bag" to make it theirs. 

Of course you need to decide what each child, or teen needs to have in their backpacks. You also need to rotate the food items every few months. Teach the kids to carry a bottle of water each day also. Talk with your school officials and find out what they have for their plans, so you know as a parent what yo do ahead of time. 

Some schools are on the social media sites, almost all have websites, and many have email alerts to things. Depending on your town, city, many local news stations have alerts that you can get on your smart phone for school closings and emergency updates. As parents, grandparents, and guardians, we need to be informed and stay connected to each child's school. Yes that is hard when you have children in elementary, middle and high school. But EACH school even in the same district will have their own way to handle things. As they should, each school is built differently, have different staff and have different age groups. 

Preparation a head of time will keep you calm, keep your children calm and knowing what to do, what to expect and where to find and pick up your children is the most important thing in keeping them safe. 

As parents you need should have the schools phone number, transportation dept phone number teachers names, principles names, even the bus driver names and bus numbers.

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