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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Keeping the BUGS at bay

We all have to think about keeping bugs, and other pests at bay. Nobody wants them in our homes. There are time you have to hire a pest control service to spray for bugs, but in the mean time you should do a few things to help keep them at bay!

Do not invite bugs to live near your home. Keep plants, bushes and trees away from the sides of your home. Do not let the vegetation to grow on your home.

Do not use compost around the foundation of your home. This will invite all kinds of bugs and such to make their home there.

Rake up all leaves and debris from the foundation and the sides of your home.

Make sure the water drains away from your home. Check your rain gutters and see that water drains away from the home.

Keep your lawn trimmed and raked.

Keep your home clean! Clean up on a regular basis. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sinks. Take out the trash or garbage each night. Sweep and mop your kitchen on a regular basis. This is the most basic and most useful thing I can stress! By cleaning your home and keeping your home clean you will not have as much problems as those who live in an unclean home.

Fix any leaky plumbing. Do not allow standing water inside your home.

Store food in sealed glass or plastic containers. Clean up spills and wipe up and clean out cupboards on a regular basis.

Remove and block off indoor pest hiding places.

Block pest entryways.

Clean up after your pet. Keep the puppy piles cleaned up outside. Do not let the food or water sit in bowls. Clean bowls regularly. Do not let food sit in bowls for long periods of time. Refill the water bowls daily with fresh water.

Store fire wood away from the home.

I found a really good PDF on pests and such.


Of course this is all info for you to do with what your want. Do a search and see what bugs and pests you have in your area. Consult professionals in your area that can give you tips and ideas and even free quotes. Some places need to come out monthly, some bi-monthly, and quarterly and so on. You need to decide what is best for you. No one wants little critters that carry diseases in our homes. I am sure there are things you can plant, use and such that you can do for little to no money. But that is another topic. You have to decide what you need to do for your family and your home.

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