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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sanitation Kit: Hygiene

Well we all have to go to the Bathroom! What if the water is cut off, and you can not use your toilet?

This is why we all need to a sanitation plan in place. Your sanitation kit should be put together and place near your 72 hour kit. You know someone will have to go soon or later! With out proper sanitation diseases can spread and can even cause death.

Place the following into two 5 gallon buckets with tight fitting lids.
Toilet paper
Infant supplies (if needed) Adult Supplies (if needed)
Medium Heavy duty trash bags for lining the buckets at least 13 gallon size
Large heavy duty trash bags for sealing up waste 33 gallon size
bar soap, dish soap, laundry soap
Bottle of bleach
Hand towelettes
Baby wipes
Towel per person, wash cloth person ( if not already included in personal packs)
Tooth paste, toothbrush, mouth wash, Shampoo( if not already included in personal packs)
Medium sized Zipper type baggies for misc uses
Scrub brush, dish cloth, roll of paper towels
1-2 wash pans or wash basins
Rope to tie up for a clothes line
Disposable gloves
Hand sanitizer
Hydrogen peroxide
Baking Soda
2-3 Empty spray bottles for peroxide, vinegar, bleach
super sorb, or chemical toilet type powders to add to bucket
small shovel (if not already included in your 72 hour kit)
face masks
Optional: snap on lid seat for 5 gallon bucket available online, and at outdoor supply stores.

May want to have 2 buckets one for solid waste and one for fluid waste.

Check with your local health dept for their plans regarding waste disposal before a disaster. They will give you guide lines as what to do with your waste. Each city is different, each county is different, each state is different. It all depends on where you live and the resources around you.

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