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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Non Food Item Plastic Shopping Bags

How many times have you gone to the store and forgot your reusable shopping bags? I know I have. Then you come home with a mountain of these bags.

Well since you have them, might as well use them. We reuse ours for many things, doggy poop pick up, cat box clean up, wet clothes for the beach, muddy shoes for the car, use in packing for trips, someone always needs a bag when they visit to put stuff in to leave, ie wet swim suits, wet towels, etc. We use them to clean out the car, have in the car for trips for trash, we even used some to move food from one place to another. I used them to wrap glass and breakables when were packing to move! When the kids needed a bag to go out for the day and hold towels, change of clothes, they used a one. For Halloween and other parties a great way to send home treats, use for trick or treating. (pillow case works better but in a pinch it works great). I have used them to store clothes and extra linens. I have used them to be box fillers when packing a box for shipping. (my sister really loves that! NOT). We use them in the trash cans for the bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.

There are so many uses for these little bag. some people make things out of them.
They are handy to when you do not want to use a big trash bag. Great for picking up things and you do not have gloves around, light weight for traveling and such. I even have some in my food Storage. 72 hour kits and the like.

So instead of wading them up and placing them in a bag and hang on the wall. I even have a box I stick most of mine in for the house. Today I re used a Clorox disinfection wipes container and folded up the bags and added it to our 72 hour kit,instead of a gallon baggie. I was able to get 30 bags into the container, by folding. By wading up and squishing them into the container I only got 20.

I will be re using my disinfection wipes containers to make more. You can put the bags that are in the containers then in your car, in the bathroom, in your first aid kits, 72 hour kits, on your shelves for use in the food storage room. When you place them into any container you save space and you are more organized! We all need help doing that. I took a big bag of shopping bags and made them into a much smaller space. It only took me maybe 10 minutes. You can have the kids help fold the bags and see how many they can put in to a container. Lots of people use coffee cans with plastic lids with a hole cut out, I have done this in the kitchen.  Kleenex boxes work great too. Just about anything that you want you reuse for this will work.

Here is a link to how to I found out here in blog world... Now I did not decorate mine, I just wrote on the container with a sharpie.

I took pics, but my camera is being grumpy, go figure.

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