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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pet Idea for May

 Pet Idea for the month of May. this month I thought it would be a good idea to cover something that is very basic when it comes to pets. You really need to have collars and tags on your dogs and cats. Having them Micro-chipped is even better.

Why you ask? My dog does not leave my yard, or the cat never gets out of the house. Truth be told, they all escape at one point or another. If you ever have a lost dog or cat, and were out looking for the pet. You know the stress it causes until you find your lost pet. Knowing that if someone found your dog or cat and could call you would make it that much easier.

In our neighborhood there is this one dog who escapes all the time. This little very old dog "never" gets out. The owners do not have a collar on the pet. The pet is not micro-chipped. I have had to call animal control to come get the dog two times in less than a year. Now if the owners had a collar with even just their phone number we could of called and given their dog back many hours early. This also would of saved the owners fees at animal control and the no kill shelter until the owners are found.

Our dog, Ruby, if she gets out she runs, she gets hooked on a smell and she will not give it up. Each time she escapes a 6 foot fenced yard, we have been able to track her and find her in a short amount of time. Each time we are put at lease just a bit because she does have all her tags, including her vanity tag with her name and phone number to reach us. She is also micro-chipped so if she is picked up by animal control they can scan her and bring her home.

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