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This blog comes to help us all deal with FS questions and to build up from a starting place & build a more complete and full FS & how to be more Self Reliant. Let us all get Prepared & ready for anything that may come our way. You never know when Mother Nature, Man Made Disaster or Money Problems may come and you would need your FS to get you through! I will talk about Emergency Preparedness also!

Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Other tips and Ideas. Let me help you get ready for what ever may come!

I started Food Storage over 15 years ago. I have taught many classes and been a speaker and helped many people over the years. This is a place where I can state things or address issues I want to cover.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Tip July 2011

The Garden topic and tip of the Month for July 2011

Really is a simple one that every can use. When you are going out to your garden, grab an old laundry basket. take your gloves, tools, etc and put into the basket and carry out to the garden.

Then when you are weeding, you can put the weeds in the basket to easily carry to the compost or for disposal.

You then can also use the basket to carry your harvest of vegetables to the hose to be rinsed off before going to the house; less dirt in the house sink! Take the basket of vegetables to the house to cook, prepare, or to put up.The same goes for flowers and fresh herbs.

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