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Monday, July 11, 2011

Non food Item Tip of the Month July 2011

Non food Item of the Month July 2011

Do you need a light and can not find one? Ok so the lights are out and you want to light a candle. Do you have matches? Do you have a lighter? You are hungry and need to start a fire do you have matches to start one?

So this months idea for a Non Food item is Matches and Lighters. Right now with the summer months and barbeque season in full swing. Matches and lighters are on sale and can be found almost anywhere.

Buy a few long lighters for starting fires, and BBQs. Get some water proof matches, and regular wooden matches. Pick up a pack of regular lighters.

Of course put all lighters, matches up where children can not reach or find them.  Keep all matches and lighters in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat. You know the basics of keeping flammables away from heat sources.  (well I at least I hope you do!)

Rotate matches and lighters yearly.

People ask how many to I need for a year supply. Well that all depends on you! How many matches does it take you to start 1 fire. How many matches does it take to light a candle(s). Each adult in each family should have 2-3 lighters. Why so many for people who do not use lighters every day. Lighters are funny and they can jam up, get cracked, or just not want to work, then there is when the fuel is gone and they simply do not work. So it is always good to have a few extras.  To be honest I do not know how many times you can light a lighter, or how long they last using 15-20 times a day. If someone knows do let me know.

You can buy a pack of 4 lighters very cheap. Add at least a pack this month when you go shopping.

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