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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kit ideas for Spot and Fluffy

Emergency Kit ideas for the pets!

We can not forget about our lovable pets, Spot and Fluffy, and even Spike and Scales. We all have pets that we love and we need to remember the think about them in an emergency and their needs also. 
A few things I have learned over the years being a pet owner. Now I have had a dogs, cats, birds and fish. 
One thing to remember and to do on a regular basis is to train your animal. Teach them to have a collar, harness and how to walk on a leash! yes even cats! We have taught our 14 year old cat how to walk on a leash and how to load up in a car. the key here is to teach the animals and work with them so in a time of an emergency and you need to grab and go, the animal will not be alarmed and freaked out. Now I am not a professional animal person, so they that are will have better opinions about it. But as a pet owner I can tell you what I personally have learned. 

Teach the animal, dog, cat, bird, to come when you call. That way you are not wasting valuable time in searching for your animal. Teach them to like the collar, harness, pet crate, cage etc. use it as a positive thing an not as a punishment. Take them for rides in the car, and not just to go see the vet! Teach them to know that car rides are not always bad. Teach them to walk on a leash!!!! now you can not only train your dog, but your cat and even bird to be leashed trained! Get the barking under control. Teach your animals to like other people, strangers and other animals! this will be important if they need to be around other humans and other animals. 

Keep your pets shots and vaccinations up to date. Treat them for fleas, and ticks on a regular basis. I personally would microchip my animal, just in case.

Your pet disaster kit should include:
Pet food and treats 
Pet food and water dishes! 
Drinkable water in plastic bottles
Can opener for canned food
Pet medications and medical records in a waterproof container 
Pet first aid kit. include nail clippers, brush, and flea and tick collars.
Sturdy leashes, harnesses and/or carriers so you can move your pets safely and they can’t escape (remember they may be scared and may act different than usual)
Current photos of your pet in case they get lost
The name of your veterinarian, phone number and even a pet boarding location, name and phone number. 
Pet bed, Blanket and toys.
All your pets should have an identification tag and collar, too.
Not a bad idea to have for cats a cat liter box, cat litter and a scoop to clean the litter. I would recommend the scoop able kind that is unscented and absorbed the odors. You can teach the smaller dogs to use one too!  Other ideas are puppy pads, and pet diapers, etc. you get the idea. 

Do not forget about the little baggies to clean up after spot! might want to add hand sanitizer and hand wipes to clean your hands after the dirty work!  

Some people have light sticks for their animals, lighted collars, and pet safety vests. Of course this is all up to you and what is best for you and your pet. If you do use any of these items, train your pet before you have to use it. Something new may scare them and cause them more stress. A stressed out animal may bite! 

This list is not complete! You need to personally choose as what to add to your kit for your animal. Again I know nothing about reptiles, so you would need to ask a professional about what you would need. some breads of dogs and even cats need special care as to how to feed, and they even get cold easy. So personalize your kit for your animal! 

Information is some of my own and from http://www.fema.org/kids/petkit.htm

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