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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rotating Food Storage

Rotating Food Storage

This is s BIG question. How do I use and Rotate my food storage? My answer is by using it. Ok that is easy to say, but how.

Ok here is what I have learned,
  1. Buy only the food you will eat.
  2. Then buy food in small enough packaging, so you will open it and use it.
  3. Date all food storage foods, soaps, anything that you store all things need a month and year put on to them. Some people only put the year i.e. 2011. I have heard of some people who have put stickers on their food storage items, i.e. stars for 2010, hearts for 2011, and Christmas stickers 2012 They made a master sheet with year and the kind of sticker next to that. Then they use all stars cans first etc.
  4. The first in first out rule.(FIFO) This helps with rotating the food stuffs. Always put the new bought stuff on the shelf in back of the food already on the shelf. That is why dating all items helps with this.
  5. Buy in bulk and repackage the food stuffs your shelf. Use Food grade buckets, canning Jars, PETE bottles, etc.
  6. Keep a master inventory list. WRITE down what you have, what you want, and what you NEED to get. Write it down in pounds or in cans and learn to buy that way. Well I update mine only 2 times a year, Jan and July. I look to see what I have, What I need and what I have used. Ok say you want 100 pounds of rice person in your family. And you have 4 people in your family like I do. You want 400 pounds of Rice total. Now you keep your eye out for great deals, sales, etc. I was able to add 100 pounds of rice to my food storage. 20 pound bags for $5.00 each. So I spent $25.00 for rice. Now I added that to my master list and now I have 75 pounds of rice per person. I now know I need 25 pounds per person to get to my goal. Or a total of 100 pounds. So I will continue to watch for the best deal and buy accordingly through out the year.
  7. Use your Food Storage as a Giant Pantry. This is the best way I have found to rotate my Food Storage. All of my Food Stuffs are in the same area, sorted and labeled and dated. All ore on shelves or in CLEARLY marked boxes. When I go to make dinner, I go to my Food Storage area and get what I need.
  8. By using what you have stored away, means your family and you will
 A) Be able to use it when the need arises.
 B) KNOW how to cook with it
 C) Your family will be used to eating it and your bodies will be USED TO IT
D) You can have recipes ready to use for all food stuffs in your Food Storage

9. NO wasted money. Use food and replace it. I have heard all too often of people who have bought wheat, dry milk, etc. Stored it away and NEVER used it. Then had to throw it away and start all over. WHY, store food you will never eat? Why store food to throw away? Why throw money away? Start using the food stuff you have and replace and then no wasted money and no wasted food.

  1. You will save money in the long run. Yes you can save money by eating out of your food storage. I can now only buy food to replace food I used as long as it is on sale, or I am running out.( running out to me is 2 items left on the shelf) I only need to shop once a month and that there will save money. I never have to run to the store to “Get” something to make a recipe or dish. I only spend $150.00 total for my Food budget each month, most families spend much more to feed a family of four, and that is including the dog, cat, and bird.
  2. You will eat healthier. You will be able to eat healthier and better foods. If you start to eat more grains and such and less highly processed, snack foods, etc. You will lose weight, you won’t need, and you will feel better. The most important thing is you will feel full and will need to eat less snacks.
  3. The best thing I can say is. Learn what is best for you. It has taken me 5 years to be able to do all of this. I have learned by doing. If you live and practice food storage, you will never have a problem in rotating it. You will use it everyday and as you go you will see how easy it really is.

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