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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Important Documents Kit

Important Documents Kit

In the case of a natural disaster many people fail to realize, that it will be necessary to produce vital documents that can identify YOU, as well as OWNERSHIP of your property and possessions.

Therefore it’s vitally important to collect and make copies of all legal documents, information and receipts.  Consider making several copies and placing one set at home, one in your 72 hour kit, and sending one set to an out of town relative for safe keeping  (also send your the negatives/cd or USB drive of your most precious photos).  Then keep the originals in a safe deposit box or a fireproof household strong box.

Documents to collect and copy:
Birth Certificates
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificates as needed
Patriarchal Blessings
Blessing, Baptism, and Priesthood Ordination Cert.
Family History/ Special Pictures
Social Security cards
Drivers Licenses
Medical History
Medical Insurance policy and ID cards
Doctor’s phone #
Automobile Titles
Auto Registration
Auto Insurance Policy and ID cards
Home/ Land Deeds
Homeowners Insurance Policy
Inventory of your home (written list and video or pictures)
Trust Records
Military Records
Bank Address and Phone #
PIN numbers for all credit cards and personal accounts
Checking Account numbers
Savings Account numbers
401K, IRA, Stock and other investment account numbers and documentation
Current Budget, including account numbers and company phone # for
Credit Cards, loans, utility companies, etc
Tax Returns for last 5 years (on disk)
Back-up disk of your computer files
Receipts and photos of expensive items- jewelry, guns, various collections, antiques, etc. Detailed inventory and list. Also include appraisal of items if you need or have it.
Phone numbers and Address/ Mailing list of all family members/ friends etc. - Include a Stake Directory/ Ward List in your 72 hour kit
Will - (don’t keep original in safety deposit box, as your box will be sealed upon your death)
Include a current photo of all family members in your 72 hour kit
 Include a photo of your house the front with the address, and the sides and back of your house. Include the yard in these photos. 
include a photo of your cars, trucks, boats, campers, rv, motorcycles, etc.

Most people in the US have a cell phone, a smart phone or BlackBerry.  Do not count on being able to access your information inside the phone. have a hard copy!
Again this list is not complete. You personally have to make your own kit and add what it is your need. What I need and what you need are two very different things. Use this list to get started

Review these documents yearly and update as necessary!

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