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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How my Food Storage has changed

Now my life has changed and so has my Food Storage and how I do things.

All this started 2.5 years ago. My Husband was laid off form his job of over 10 years. This was unexpected and pretty much sucked for us. We immediately cut many expenses in our house. No more cable, house phone, internet and a lot of other things. We all know what we can live with out if we needed to.

We had our supply of Food Storage and we lived off it for 9 months, with only buying a few things a week, bread, milk, cheese and eggs and fresh fruit and veggies, then if only on sale and a good deal.

We lived off our savings for 3-5 months along with what little unemployment my husband received. He looked for work, no one was hiring. He was willing to do almost anything. One thing I learned is even on very little money coming in you can live, but we needed more savings. (note to self for the future)

We never went hungry, we had to cook and we had to think at times and be creative.

Now fast forward 2.5 years. We could not save the house, had to sell it. We sold everything and picked up and moved across country to find work. We gave away what food Storage items that we had left. We put the keepsakes, family history, and a few other items into storage, loaded up the RV that we bought with yard sale money and moved.

We have lived in our RV for nine months now. not much storage in an RV and you have to be creative and make due at times. I did buy a little crock pot and used that when we were parked.

Now that my husband has a job. We are still making due. We are having to rebuild our lives and what we once had. Everything is gone, but we are doing good and happy that we have gotten this far. Life will throw you a curve ball with out you looking. You can be the most prepared person and something can come and wipe it all out from under neath you. (trust me this has happened to us more than once, but this time we could not "save" our house).

We right now are living in a house with room mates and I have a small cupboard to put my food items. Very little room in the fridge for our food, and almost no room in the freezer for anything. But we still eat well.

Food Storage is always on my mine, now that we have had Tornado warnings, flood warnings, and we are now in Hurricane season.

With a little bit of luck and hard work we will be in an apt or another house in a few months. Then we can start from the beginning and re build the not only our lives but our food storage.

Our kids are grown and out on their own, so we did not have to worry about the kids.

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