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Thursday, July 7, 2011


When it come to Food Storage Sugar is one thing everyone needs to have. You cook a lot with sugar and it adds that sweetness that most people need to have in order to eat certain foods.

 It is Suggested to have for one year 60 pounds of Sugar per person. Now that does include Honey and other forms of sweetener. Honey will be covered in another Post.

Many people feel that storing 60 pounds of Sugar is way too much. You do have to look at it this way, once you divide the sugar group into sub-categories, you may find that you really do need that much. Say you are
eating more “basic” food storage, you may use more sugar than you do now.  There are times you will need just some basic calories from the sugar. A teaspoon of sugar has just 15 calories. You also need to remember that if you do canning you may go through more sugar than someone who does not.  

As with anything you must chose what you need for your food storage for you and your family. 
White granulated Sugar: if stored in a cool dry place sealed in a container, it will maintain the food value indefinitely. Though over time the sugar may harden and become lumpy it will return to its granulated form if you beat it or crumble it in your hands. White Sugar will last forever. White Sugar may discolor over time, it is still fine to consume.

Brown Sugar: Should be kept in containers with tight fitting lids. Brown sugar should be kept moist, or it will harden and once it gets hard it is difficult to returned to a granulated state.  You can add an apple slice to help soften it up once it is hard. Or you can dissolve it and use it in syrups, etc. Brown sugar will store for 4-18 months.

Powdered Sugar: Should be kept dry and stored in containers with tight fitting lids. It generally will not harden.

Confectioners sugar will store about 18-48 months.

Corn Syrup: & Maple, Pancake, waffle syrups: Will crystallize after long periods of storage. Just put jar in warm to hot , not boiling water to melt the crystals.  Will store 1-2 yrs.

Flavored Gelatin (Jell-o): needs to be stored in rodent, insect proof containers with tight fitting lids. Most gelatin of all types will last 1-4 yrs.

Jams and Jellies: You can store either homemade or store bought jams and jellies. These should be rotated with in 12-18 months. Store in cool dry, dark area. Watch lids for becoming unsealed. Check often.

As with any Food Storage you need to rotate and use what you have. Mark all items with a date before storing and always use the first in first out method.

As the school year approaches watch for sales for Jams, jelly, and the like to add to your food storage.

As always store what you use and you decide on what your family needs.

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